Department of Applied English




The Goal

The characteristics and development of the Department are associated with NCUT’s development positioning and vision of becoming “a practical and innovative quality university of industrial technology” to cultivate students to become talents with “professional knowledge, humanistic literacy, social care and international perspectives”. The educational objectives and characteristics of the Department are planned based on the vision planned by College of Humanities and Creativity, to “cultivate excellent creative talents with humanistic care, practicality and international perspectives.” The Department cultivates its students to become professional English talents with international perspectives, humanistic literacy and social care. The educational objectives of the Department are specified as follows:

1.  Strengthen core skills of English.

2.  Cultivate professional abilities for “English Teaching” or “Business Communication and Management”.

3.  Train students to have English communication skills with international perspectives.

4.  Cultivate students to have humanistic literacy.

5.  Emphasize lifelong learning and social care.