Department of Applied English




The Schooling

The Department of Applied English was founded in 2004 under College of Humanities and Creativity and the four-year technical program provided by Day Division was established at the same time. In 2009, the four-year program was provided by Division of Continuing and Extension Education.

In terms of educational key points, the Department not only have students learn relevant knowledge of English in a lecture, but also interests students in English and American literature, applied linguistics and English teaching, in hopes that through teaching of professional teachers in different fields and many research and learning channels, students can enhance their professional knowledge and daily life skills and have innovative learning patterns, to be fully prepared for advanced study and employment after graduation.

The teaching of the Department is divided into the two major teaching areas, “English Teaching” and “Business Management”, aiming to cultivate students to become the practical talents with the ability to communicate in English, the international language, and the professional ability for English teaching or business management.