Department of Applied English





The development features of the Department are planned towards the two major teaching modules, “English Teaching” and “Business Management”, and are divided into two characteristic sections to cultivate students to become practical English communication talents with humanistic literacy, international perspectives and social care. The Department’s overall development features are: (1) improving professional and practical abilities, and (2) focusing on career development and work attitude. Each of the development features are summarized as follows:

1. Improving professional and practical abilities:

(1)  Two course modules are established for students to develop and enrich English communication skills and diversified and practical professional knowledge based on their interests and career development, in order to enhance their competitiveness in workplaces in the future.

(2)  The Department strives for funds actively to expand or maintain software and hardware equipment for its teaching and research, providing teachers with quality teaching and research equipment and providing students with a quality learning environment.

(3)  The Department has its curriculum combined with industrial practice and builds a stable and diversified cooperation relationship with the industry in order to enhance students’ practical and workplace skills.

2. Focusing on career development and work attitude:

The Department not only focuses on learning results of students, but also cares about the development of its mental, life, learning and career counseling for students and their learning attitudes. Through the relevant counseling activities and care mechanisms initiated by NCUT, the College and the Department and relevant elective courses, the Department intends to strengthen students’ learning motive and enhance their learning efficiency, assisting students develop career strategies and paths and timely correct their learning mentality.