Department of Applied English




Development & (school, college, department)

1. Teaching

The Department plans complete programs, provides quality teachers and the e-learning environment, and cultivates its students to possess English professional and practical knowledge.

2. Research

Research fields of the Department’s teachers mainly are applied linguistics, language education, literature, literature teaching and ESP research. The Department intends to apply applied language teaching to information technology and business management and conduct relevant professional English research in the future.


The Department has planned for many diversified services and counseling activities and measures for students, including life counseling, academic assistance guidance and employment service. In addition, it has also actively assisted remote areas in enhancing English teaching.


The Department convenes various meetings and establishes committees as follows: Meeting on “departmental affairs”, “departmental teacher evaluation committee”, “departmental equipment committee”, “departmental curriculum committee”, “department-based curriculum committee”, and “departmental admissions team”. Relevant affairs concerning the Department are reviewed and discussed at these meetings periodically held every semester.