Department of Applied English




Degree Requirements

(1) English requirements for graduation:

A student shall pass a recognized high-intermediate English test before graduation, such as GEPT high-intermediate level (including preliminary test) and TOEIC 750 or more.

(2) Service learning: A student shall take and complete Service Learning for 54 hours.

(3) Graduation credits:

A. A student shall acquire at least 132 credits before graduation (which consist of 93 credits for required courses and 39 credits for electives (including 27 credits for the electives required by the Department).

B. A student shall acquire at least 14 credits for courses in either “English Teaching” or “Business Management” module.

C. A student shall choose one module and acquire at least 3 core courses in the module.

(4) Off-campus internship: The off-campus internship is a required course having 0 credit and is provided in summer for 320 hours (in 2 months).